Valentía Cigars - Hand made in Dominican Republic.


Valentia Assistance for Law Enforcement

The VALE program will enable participating cigar dealers to achieve two added benefits when they sell Valentia Cigars.

  1. By enrolling in the VALE program, dealers will automatically receive an additional
    15% discount on their purchases of Valentia Cigars;
  2. A Law Enforcement agency designated by a participating dealer will receive award
    coupons valued at an amount equal to the participating dealer's 15% discount, in the
    name of that dealer.

The Law Enforcement agency can use these awards towards the purchase of essential gear
distributed in the USA by The Mako Group. Any product(s) shown at
are available to Law Enforcement agencies under this program.

ONE EXAMPLE OF HOW IT WORKS: (Dollar amounts are dependant on dealer purchases.)

  • A cigar dealer buys $1,500 worth of Valentia Cigars.
  • Dealer gets an immediate $225 discount and pays $1,275.
  • The designated Law Enforcement agency receives a communiqué from Valentia Cigars that explains the VALE program and establishes a VALE account for the Law Enforcement agency, so that they can select free essential gear from The Mako Group.
  • At this point in the VALE program, the participating dealer has saved $225 and the Law Enforcement agency has a $225 award that can be applied in whole or in part to the purchase of any products distributed by Mako.
  • Later, the same dealer is so happy with the way Valentia cigars sold in his store, and about the positive comments of his customers, that he buys $10,000 worth of Valentia Cigars, for which he earns an immediate $1,500 discount.
  • The designated Law Enforcement agency has now accrued a Mako award balance of $1,725 that they can use towards the purchase of any products Mako distributes. Months later, this dealer's customer-demand for Valentia Cigars is so high that he purchases $20,000 worth of Valentia Cigars and gets an immediate $3,000 discount.
  • The designated Law Enforcement agency now has accumulated a Mako award balance of $4,725 that they can use towards the purchase of any products Mako distributes.

Law Enforcement agencies can use their VALE credits whenever they wish, to acquire the
necessary gear needed by their officers to do their jobs better and keep themselves and their
communities safer.

Cigar smoking members of the community that purchase their cigars from a VALE-participating cigar dealer contribute to their own safety, the safety of their families, their police officers and the entire community.

VALE is a win-win opportunity that provides extra benefits for everyone.


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