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All of our cigars are handmade in the Dominican Republic.


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Authentic Cigars Rolled in the Dominican Republic

Welcome to Valentia Cigars, we are a top shelf cigar brand out of the Dominican Republic. All of our cigars are hand rolled in the Dominican Republic and go through meticulous testing to make sure every aspect of our cigars are perfection. Our Torpedo Cigar and Robusto have been a fan favorite and our Kentucky Dark Fire blend has grown a cult following. Being the Official Cigar of The Ferrari Club of America we do all that we can to uphold the same class, luxury, and quality that Ferrari is known for around the world.

Valentia Cigars has supplied cigars to some of the most exclusive events in the world. We take pride in not only our brand but our product. We have gotten Outstanding reviews from the online community and continue to get praise wherever our cigars are smoked. Having a large variety of blends from light, to heavy, any enthusiast can enjoy our art. We are certain that your next favorite cigar will be a Valentia.

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