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About Valentia Cigars

The finest tobacco leaves are selected to create the flavorful blend and rich aroma of Valentia Cigars. These leaves are then aged and hand-rolled by craftsmen with generations of experience in the art of shaping quality cigars. The essence of this unique cigar, with its remarkably smooth blend and exceptional burn, is rooted in the careful selection of tobacco to be used in each part of the process; the ideal aging of the leaves; and the skill of masters in the best tradition of cigar-making. These special blends are formulated with the personality of each Valentia product in mind. The perfect combination of leaves is not the result of improvisation, but rather of the instinct that comes with lineage. Our experts trace their roots to a long line of artisans in both Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

A Time Honored Tradition

The Dominican Republic has always had a reputation among cigar aficionados for making premium puros. Valentia is proud to offer aficionados everywhere its portfolio of products; an exclusive selection of the Dominican Republic's finest handmade cigars. Today, it is the world's foremost supplier of handmade cigars, combining a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship with the outstanding tobacco crop of the island. The filler of every Valentia cigar is composed of this remarkable Dominican tobacco. In addition, tobacco grown from Connecticut Shade seed, which comes from the Hazelwood strain of Cuban seed, and the finest leaves from tobacco fields in both South America and the Pacific islands are selected by our experts to shape the delicate binder and wrapper, achieving an exceptional aroma and a consistent burn.

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