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  1. San Andres

    San Andres is destined to be the choice of connoisseurs. A dark maduro, this long-filler premium cigar is hand-rolled by experts in the Dominican Republic. It's carefully selected filler is wrapped to perfection with a "San Andres" leaf, for those who demand the best in all things. This superb cigar is the ideal companion. There is nothing quiet about this smoke. It is full-bodied and fearless. Whether it partners a lifestyle of extreme sports or tranquil pleasures, San Andres meets the challenge every single time. Our new San Andres cigar is a long-filler premium and dark maduro, wrapped in a distinctive San Andres leaf and hand-rolled by Dominican artisans. San Andres is for those who enjoy the best and demand perfection.
  2. Marine

    This Cigar Features and showcases tobacco Primarily from Nicaragua
  3. Kentucky Dark Fire

    Valentia Dark Fire is blend we have developed using the Nicaraguan using Cuban Seed. Binder is Negro San Andreas, Filler is Dominican and Nicaraguan , as well as a splice of Kentucky Dark Fire Tobacco. Homage to the America, and the marriage of bourbon and Cigars.
  4. Variety Pack

    Try our new Valentia sampler box, featuring 3  of our finest cigars!

    A selection of 3 of our most sought-after cigars, hand-rolled by masters in the Dominican Republic, includes:

    Our iconic Piramide, a unique blend for a satisfying smoke.

    Ring Gauge: 52 x 6 "
    Wapper: Ecuador / Connecticut
    Filler: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic
    Binder: Indonesia

    San Andres
    Our long-filler, dark maduro cigar. Just launched!

    Ring Gauge: 56 x 6"
    Wrapper: Negro San Andres Madura from Mexico.
    Filler: ABAM Ligero Dominican Republic and Nicaragua VISO.
    Binder: Peru VISO.

    Outstandingly rich taste and a smooth draw in a full-bodied,
    premium cigar.

    Ring Gauge: 56 x 6"
    Wrapper: Ecuador Desflorado
    Filler: Santo Domingo Seco, Ligero Habano
    Binder: Indonesia, Nicaragua

  5. The Fuerza Lady

    Valentia celebrates the prominence of strong women in every culture. Our lady connoisseurs and those who would like to experience the uniqueness of a good cigar, will find our products rewarding and satisfying. The spirit of Valentia supports a dynamic lifestyle and the enjoyment of sophisticated pleasures. Take 20 minutes to a half hour to fully enjoy this cigar.
  6. Fuerza Gentleman

    Valentia means bravery and suggests an attitude towards life that is both determined and optimistic. Connoisseurs will appreciate the rich flavor and aroma of these premium cigars, handmade from the finest leaves by masters. Fuerza embodies strength and goes well with today's fast pace. Take 20 minutes to a half hour to fully enjoy this cigar.
  7. Torpedo

    Over an hour is suggested to enjoy this Piramide, with its conic head that enhances the taste and strength.
  8. Churchill

    Provides a leisurely, medium-bodied smoke to be enjoyed at a relaxed pace. A good companion cigar with a lasting burn.
  9. Lucido

    Lucido is a premium cigar, hand-rolled from the finest leaves by master craftsmen. An elegant and cosmopolitan choice. Lucido evokes the urbane lifestyle of today's modern executive and sophisticated consumer Lucido Cigars are hand-rolled in Dominican Republic by master craftsmen. These experts ensure that the deliciously complex taste and aroma achieved by having a larger ratio of filler-to-wrapper tobacco are matched by a perfect draw that is neither too easy nor too hard. Full bodied, with rich flavor and aroma, and smooth draw.
  10. Robusto

    Rich, big flavor. Excellent burn.
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10 Item(s)